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DS Welch Bussieres recrute régulièrement des avocats collaborateurs.

Les candidats à une collaboration doivent, avant tout, partager l’exigence qualitative de DS en combinant, dans leurs domaines de compétences, la rigueur juridique à l’esprit d’initiative.


To select his associates, DS takes into account the university education, the control of foreign languages and the work experiences, quite particularly in an international context.

It does not exist however either typical profile, or privileged training.

DS watches the diversity and the complementarity of his teams, by paying attention on the personal qualities of the candidates, on the balance which they knew how to find and to their long-term projects. The associates are integrated(joined) into an activity sector, under the responsibility of one or several partners. While staying in their activity sector, they have authority to work with all the lawyers of the firm according to the operations and the needs for the customers.

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