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Terms and Conditions Legal Representation

Cooperation and Results Our performance depends, in part, on the diligence of our clients to forward to our attention all required information, authorizations and documents, and to review and sign the documents submitted to them, and on their cooperation in general. Even if we undertake all efforts in order to maximize the chances of success of our clients in all cases entrusted to us, it is not possible to provide any certainty as to the results of our efforts since the final result may depend on external factors or on persons or institutions upon which we cannot have any type of control. Consequently, our legal fees are not conditional upon any result obtained in the course of the cases. We reserve our right to retain outside resources when, in the execution of our cases, we consider that their expertise or involvement is necessary or useful for the best interest of our clients.

Legal Fees and Expenses In consideration of the legal services that we do render, our clients are required to pay for the time we have spent to work on their cases and under their instructions, at the usual hourly rates (which may be adjusted from time to time), and to pay for the expenses and costs incurred in the execution of our work. The fees that are invoiced shall also depend on many factors, including the nature of the case that we have to handle, the lawyer or the supporting staff that is involved in the case, the time limits required by our clients, by the special circumstances or the case, or by any other relevant factor. Any action or undertaking by our firm for the cases of its clients is invoiced at the applicable hourly rate by increment of 15 minutes. Recurrent administrative expenses, such as costs for photocopies, fax transmissions, long distance calls and other expenses of a similar nature, are invoiced on a global basis corresponding to 5% of the amount of the legal fees. Any other expense is invoiced separately in addition to the above mentioned 5%, including the fees related to the electronic payment of our invoices. In the case of a legal person, such as a corporation, the individual who has requested our services in the name of the legal person declares from the mere fact of retaining our services to have the authority and power to bind the legal person remains liable at all times for the legal fees in the case of insolvency or default of payment by the legal person for any reason.

Estimate of Legal Fees Considering the unique circumstances of each specific case, it is not possible for us to determine in advance and with accuracy the time that will be necessary for handling the case. Unexpected developments do often occur in the course of legal cases, such as the resistance of an adverse party or the severity of an official involved in the case, and such developments may cause minor or substantial variations from the initial estimate. However, our clients will be informed in due course of such unexpected developments, if any. Also, any estimate that we provide in relation to the legal fees to be incurred for our services does not include the expenses, official fees and applicable taxes, and shall not be considered as a lump payment or flat rate.

Advances of Legal Fees Our clients are sometimes required to send to our firm advance payments covering legal fees and expenses at the initial stage and/or in the course of the case. We reserve our right to suspend our services until the payment is effectively made to our firm. After being deposited in our trust account, which provides no interest, this advance will be deducted from our invoice for legal fees and expenses upon the closing of the case. When an advance is compensated on the final invoice of a specific case, any difference exceeding the amount of the invoice is returned to the client by cheque.

Invoicing On a general basis, we proceed to the invoicing of our cases once or twice every month, and not at the closing of such cases. Our clients are therefore properly informed on the costs of legal fees and expenses incurred in their cases on a periodic basis. Our invoices for legal fees are payable upon reception, and we reserve our right to charge interests at the rate of 18% per year (or 1,5% per month) on any unpaid balance and, if required, to use professional services for the collection of any unpaid balance and to charge all fees and expenses incurred in the process of collection. We deploy all necessary efforts in order to handle the cases entrusted to our firm with the maximal celerity that is possible in the circumstances, and we therefore expect our invoices to be paid in the same way.

Confidentiality We do treat the entire documentation and all information provided by our clients on the strictest confidential basis in compliance with professional regulations. However, for efficiency and celerity reasons, we regularly communicate with our clients by email, including for invoicing purposes. It is known that email is a safe way to transmit information and documents, without being totally secure from possible interceptions. It is therefore the responsibility of each client to inform us of any limitation on the use of email in the course of a specific case, in which case we will comply with these instructions upon reception. Any person authorized to the case who is not the identified client shall have access to the file at any time, but shall only be permitted to provide formal instructions in the case of impossibility of communication with the identified client.

Termination of Representation Our clients acknowledge that we have the right to cease to represent them in the following cases : (a) should they refuse or neglect to pay our invoices for legal fees within 30 days from reception, or (b) should they refuse or neglect to pay an advance required from time to time, or (c) should they notify us in writing of their intent to terminate our legal representation, or (d) in the event of unforeseen circumstances requiring us to terminate our legal representation. Should we have to cease our legal representation, we will notify the client in writing concerning our intent and we will cooperate with the new lawyer who shall continue the case in order to facilitate its transfer. In such a case, the client accepts to pay any amount that is due or could be due to our firm, along with all applicable photocopy costs should the client require a copy of the documents that we used in the course of the case following the termination of our duty of legal representation. Also, in the event that we had represented the client in any litigation procedure or administrative case pending before a court or law or a public agency, the client accepts to provide us with all documents required by these institutions in order to confirm that we are no longer representing them.

Dispute Resolution In the event of a dispute regarding our invoices for legal fees or concerning the execution of our service, the client consents to submit the said dispute to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Judicial District of Quebec City for final ruling on the matter, unless the dispute has been submitted to the mediation and arbitration procedure of the Bar of the Province of Quebec within the applicable time limits. These terms and conditions are interpreted in accordance with, and governed by, the law applicable in the Province of Quebec.

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